Pickled cherry, gorgonzola and rocket salad

  • rice vinegar 150ml
  • caster sugar 40g
  • fresh bay leaves 2
  • cherries 200g, pitted
  • extra-virgin olive oil 4 tbsp
  • cherry jam 2 tsp
  • wholegrain mustard 2 tsp
  • rocket 100g
  • red radicchio or chicory 1, torn
  • fennel ½ a small bulb, finely sliced
  • gorgonzola 100g, cut into wedges

Put the vinegar in a pan with 100ml of water, the sugar, bay leaves and 1 tsp salt. Bring to a simmer. Tip the cherries into a recently sterilised 500g jar. While the jar is still hot, pour in the hot vinegar mixture. Seal and leave to pickle in a cool, dark place for a week before opening. The cherries will keep in the fridge for two months once opened.
To make the dressing, put 2 tbsp of the pickling vinegar from the jar into a medium bowl and whisk in the olive oil, jam, mustard and some salt and pepper until emulsified. Taste and add a dash more vinegar, mustard or olive oil to taste. Add the rocket, radicchio and fennel, and toss to coat in the dressing. Tip onto a large serving platter or plates, and top with a few spoonfuls of the drained pickled cherries, the gorgonzola and a drizzle of the remaining dressing.
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